Posted by: irishhawk | June 28, 2008

The Statement Of Principles Of The Libertarian Defense Caucus

Libertarianism has lost its way.The philosophy of John Locke, Adam Smith, Thomas Jefferson, Ayn Rand, Friedrich Hayek, and scores of others throughout time eternal, is being undermined. The Libertarian Defense Caucus seeks to return the philosophy of liberty back to the principles that have appealed to libertarians for centuries.

The Caucus adheres to the sacred tenants of classical liberalism; individualism, individual rights, spontaneous order, the rule of law, limited government, free markets, natural law, and the natural harmony of interests.

The Caucus holds that these principles of liberty are in harmony with the principle of a strong, robust, and dynamic armed forces. A strong volunteer armed forces being necessary to confront and defeat the threats to liberty presented by the global war on terrorism. Military action is always a policy of last resort. The Caucus holds that the policy of last resort should be the province of the United States government in defending the American people.

The Libertarian Defense Caucus believes that a global war on terrorism exists. Furthermore, the Caucus holds that the war on terrorism should be executed through diplomatic, economic, and only when absolutely necessary and proper, military means.

The Libertarian Defense Caucus seeks to reach out to like-minded individuals, societies, and nations in advancing the great cause of liberty. The Caucus holds that strengthening our alliances with democratic allies, and promoting political and economic freedom and reforms is necessary when in the vital and direct interest of United States, and her security.

The Libertarian Defense Caucus holds that only through preserving and protecting our security, our prosperity, and our cherished principles, can we advance the great cause of liberty and rightfully declare ourselves,


The Libertarian Defense Caucus is the guardian of limited governance and liberty, wherever She finds herself under threat. The Libertarian Defense Caucus welcomes individuals who share these vital values. This Statement of Principles is a broad declaration of the core beliefs the members of the Caucus hold.

The Caucus does not endorse, nor align itself, with any one litmus test, doctrine, interest group or political party. The Libertarian Defense Caucus does not officially endorse political candidates or political parties. Individuals within the Caucus will of course express their own strongly held beliefs and endorsements within the Caucus of a particular political candidate or political party. These opinions of individual Caucus members are not to be seen as representative of the Libertarian Defense Caucus entire. It is the expressed desire of the Libertarian Defense Caucus to reach across political boundaries in the greater cause of liberty.

The Official Emblem Of The Libertarian Defense Caucus.

The Vigilant Eagle Of Liberty.


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