Posted by: irishhawk | August 15, 2008

The Libertarian Defense Caucus Confronts Knapp On His Lies. Knapp Refuses To Debate

Did you ever think about debating on substance of the issues, rather than name calling, Thomas?

Of course not, that would require intellectual integrity. You believe it’s okay to threaten the well being of an individual, and his or her family? That doesn’t sound like a violation of someone’s natural rights, to you?

“The “Libertarian” “Defense” Caucus has created its own pale — a conceptual rather than geographical one, true, but its obvious purpose is the same as that of Imperial Russia’s Pale of Settlement: To isolate members of a particular Semitic ethnic group for purposes of persecution and pogrom.”

I’m sure the one reader of this blog (probably your own mother) thought that was indeed very clever and powerful. It’s slander, but don’t let the facts get in the way of your rant.

Gravatar Mike Gravel spoke at a rally for convicted and confessed terrorist,
Sami al-Arian. He called for people to look up the personal address of the
prosecutor of Sami, for the purpose of stalking and harassing the man’s family:
http://www.investigativeproject….org/article/ 741

Have you no shame? Defending a
terrorist, at the expense of innocent civilians? Where do you draw the line?
Physical punishment of his kids? Perhaps rape of his wife? You know very well that once a mob has been revved up, those kinds of things can happen.

It’s not as if Gravel were speaking at a rally for a victim of a drug law
prosecution, and calling for
harassment of those responsible in their official job capacity.

Gravatar Ironically, the libertarian movement that Rand helped create, seems to be turning it’s back on her. You may remember, Rand particularly admired Les Miserables. The hero, Jean Valjean, would not allow a revolutionary mob to lynch his obsessive prosecutor.

Tom did not really communicate the English meaning of “beyond the pale”.
Here is a good summary:
“The word pale derives ultimately from the Latin word palus, meaning stake. (Palisade and impale are derived from the same root.) In this case it literally refers to a stake (or pole) that forms part of a protective fence around a settlement. From this came the figurative meaning of ‘boundary’, and the concept of a pale as an area within which local laws were valid.

The phrase ‘beyond the pale’, meaning to go beyond the limits of law or decency, was in use by the mid-17th century. The phrase is possibly a reference to the general sense of boundary, not to any of the particular pales that bore that name, although in the British Isles it is popularly understood to be a reference to the Pale in Ireland. To ‘Go Beyond the Pale’ in that context is to leave the English world behind and enter the Irish world.”

Gravatar Ryan,

When I debate an issue, I’m always happy to debate the substance of said issue. However, you’re confused. The piece you’re responding to isn’t intended to be part of a debate, it’s intended to stand alone as a brief condemnation of your organization’s support for aggression, murder and terrorism.

Gravatar Tom’s comments are meant to “stand alone”–apart from reality, facts, and logic. Name-calling of pro-defense libertarians is not in the best intellectual tradition. Apparently Tom has gone from a moderately dovish foreign policy, to parroting far left non-interventionist dogma.

In any event, Tom had a chance to debate once the criticisms were posted. He declined, assuming his bumper-sticker slogans to be self-evident.



  1. “FYI, ‘lies’ is an inappropriate description of true statements.”
    -Arogant “I’m always right because my daddy said so” radical left-libertarian.

  2. Noting that a statement is not intended to be part of a debate isn’t “refusing to debate.”

    I’ll be happy to debate, and have responded positively to your invitation to do so.

    FYI, “lies” is an inappropriate description of true statements.

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