Posted by: maverickwhig | March 21, 2009

New Admin

Hello everyone. My name is Maverick W.

I was the one who created the new emblem below, and I am also a new and proud member of the LDC. Though I am not a member of the LP, I am a member of the Modern Whig Party (a 21st century resurrection of of the old Whig Party). We’ve actually had to deal with Thomas Kanpp and his fringe BTP many times too you know, so I guess that’s just some shared war stories right?

Well ideologically I am a neolibertarian (or am I a FASCIST NEOCON!? :O) , of which on ideology I like to philosophize on my blog:

Anyways, I hope to help the LDC in any way I can in the future.




  1. Oh you don’t even know the half of it. We’ve been having to deal with radical- fucking asshole (and I mean that in the nicest sense possible) Knapp and his merry band of leftist pacifists disguised as capital “L” Libertarians on more occasions than I would like to recall. The ‘Gentleman’ from Missouri has showered me with such baseless praise as ‘racist’, ‘war-monger, ‘neo-con’ etc.

    No sense in letting the facts get in the way of ad hominem attacks impuning my personal character and the character of my friends.

    Consider attacks from these pacifist radical “Libertarians” as a badge of honor, Maverick.

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