Posted by: maverickwhig | May 13, 2009

Islamism and school children

Islamist organization, the Taliban has now apparently engaged in bioterrorism with a WMD.

Various international media are reporting on a serious incident from yesterday in northern Afghanistan. There are conflicting reports and numbers of injuries, but as many as 50 teenage girls have been admitted to a nearby hospital with various illnesses and ailments resulting from an apparent gassing.

“I am pretty sure whoever has done this is against education for girls, but I strongly ask the parents not to be discouraged by such brutal action and send their children to school,” said Noor Jahan, a ninth grader at Ura Jalili Girls’ High School.

In another room a mother sat beside her unconscious daughter’s bed, crying and rubbing the girl’s forehead. Around her lay several dazed and pale schoolmates.

“I was in a lesson when suddenly two classmates lost consciousness and collapsed,” said Nabila, a 21-year-old in one of the beds. Years of war and unrest mean children often finish school late in Afghanistan.

From Atlas Shrugs.


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