Posted by: maverickwhig | September 11, 2009

With an Ensign to Fight Under

by Maverick W., Libertarian Defense Caucus Co-Chairman

The 11th of September, 2009…

The first time…

We say “No.”

We say “No.” to Oligarchy, we say “No.” to bullying us into it, we say “No.” to murder, and we say “No.” to the Law of insecure Collectivists who claim to represent the Muslim population. You see the truth is, when any of these Collectivists claim to represent Muslims around the world or that their political ideology is Islam itself — we know they are outright lying. For they are the true enemies of all Muslims everywhere. Every time they open their mouths, every time they kill or attack innocents and children, every time they indoctrinate school kids, they make things worse for Muslims everywhere. So how may I ask do we stop these liars from festering? The answer is there, you just need to find it. All Muslims around the world need to stand up for themselves, stand up and say “No.” to these liars, these Collectivists, these… Tangos. The answer to peace and freedom is inside all of you, you just need to reject them.

To the victims and families of 9/11 and all victims of terrorist attacks around the world, fight. I can’t make that any more clear. You need to fight. If you don’t, the Tangos who committed 9/11 have won their military objective — your subjugation to their will. Your sons, daughters, husbands, wives, etc. were all killed to make you submit to their campaign to establish the global tyrannical Oligarchy they call the “Caliphate”. You, shall not allow them their Caliphate, their Tyranny. This is an obligation to the dead the defenseless, and the violated. Fulfill it, and you shall shed blood, sweat, and tears, fail at it, and you shall wither away your life, liberty, and property, the very freedoms that you were born with. I hope and pray that all of you will find peace from your loved one’s murder, and that you shall see a final justice against this atrocity. I mourn with you.

The years will follow, the days will bleed away, and I will never forget. I will eat, I will breathe, and I will think. That is what it meant for me. In my life, it shall be a conflict of the American Ensign against the false Flag of Jihad, their Flag of Irhab. That’s right, Jihad in denotes holy war, thus a legitimization of what they do, at least for those who are religious. Irhab denotes what their actions really are, terrorism. I shall break their black flag’s pole, and their banner shall fall to the ground, Qutb’s putsch dieing with it. I promise this to all of you, with an Ensign to fight under.

(Sorry for the long lull in posting here at LDC, we will be working on getting the site going again.)


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