Posted by: maverickwhig | February 12, 2010

2010 Emblem

The Libertarian Defense Caucus emblem for 2010

As some of you may remember, when I first joined the caucus awhile back that I had submitted an official emblem featuring the Statue of Liberty and Statue of Freedom, for 2010 I have submitted a new design.

Say hello to the Gadsden snake, featured next to it is a five point start reminiscent of the “Lone Star State”, while above that fly streaks of gold and blue, colors representing the ideology of liberty. We hope it reminds all of you about our common struggle for capitalism and against tyranny.

Tell us what you think, feedback is welcomed!


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  1. The current Flag of the Statue of Liberty,beats the snake flag,so many of us look down on snakes some even have phobias about snakes ,not that I do.I have several strong beleives that fall into libertarian believes, I think theese believes have been forgotten as the American life style as became so easy that they have more on TV about our children getting fat than they do about currently deployed military in fire zones,while on the war I believe if they took past examples of the practise of war as to leave it to the generals instead of politicians it would be over a lot sooner. Now we have some fellow looking at a screen here at the US making decisions to fire or not on “hostals”, you gotta be kidding do it like my grampa’s military did bomb the area and sort it oput with the infentry or marines,then we will not have kids growing up while we are in the area and used to deploy bombs. TONY

  2. Israel first! Right on brothers!!

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