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“An Open Letter to Nicholas Sarwark”

LP Chairman Nicholas Sarwark is the Mad Hatter of the LP.

LP Chairman Nicholas Sarwark is the Mad Hatter of the LP.

An open letter from Libertarian Party Chair Nicholas Sarwark to Sen. Rand Paul

Dear Sen. Paul,

“We agree with you that Congress should obey the Constitution. We should never engage in foreign wars without a congressional declaration of war, a restraint on military action put in place by our Founding Fathers to ensure lawmakers never send our troops to war without deliberation.

Senator Rand Paul

Senator Rand Paul

But a constitutional war in the Middle East is just as bloody, destructive, and likely to incite terrorism as an unconstitutional war.

Our half-century of interventions in the Middle East have been a colossal failure. We have provided arms, military training, and subsidies to virtually every country in the region, inciting continual war and unrest. This has created a breeding ground for international terrorists that pose a real danger to our country and the world — one that would not have existed had we kept our noses out of the affairs of other countries.

U.S. military interventions have put our troops in harm’s way, separated them needlessly from their families, and led to tens of thousands of American deaths and casualties — plus many more losses for innocent citizens of foreign countries.

We agree with your father, Ron Paul, who for decades was a lonely yet brave voice in Congress for peace. He was right when he called for getting the U.S. military out of the Middle East.

Everyone knows that you’re posturing to get the Republican nomination for president in 2016. But for this long-shot hope of winning the nomination, you have endorsed a roster of hawkish Big Government Republicans — from Mitt Romney to Mitch McConnell. And now you’re calling for sending our troops back to Iraq, which will be a death sentence for many ofthem.

Just how much can your long-shot presidential bid be worth? Is it worth the lives of these young men and women? The Libertarian Party says, “Absolutely not!”

While we agree with your view that no funds should be allocated to an illegal war, a policy of non-intervention remains the only just and reasonable approach to dealing with the Middle East — a land halfway around the world where the United States does not belong.

Your bid for a declaration of war against ISIS is unjustifiable and dangerous. Please withdraw it immediately.”

Respectfully yours,

Nicholas J. Sarwark
Chair, Libertarian National Committee

“LDC National Co-Chairman Kevin Bjornson Decimates LP Chairman Sarwark’s Arguments In Devastatingly Eloquent and Erudite Critique”

Nicholas Sarwark,

That was a well-written letter

But unless media carries it,
this is not a press release.
What you have released,
are your own “a priori” opinions
that have no grounding in the
non-initiation-of-force principle
(the LP pledge).

Your statements make assertions about fact.
You assert that absent US intervention,
the middle east would pose no threat
to the US. How do you know that?

Even if that were true, it is counter-factual.
The US has intervened and now there are
threats emanating from the middle east.
We do not possess a time machine.
Would you seriously have us believe,
the status quo ante can be restored by
now adopting what you call “non-intervention”?

You do realize, don’t you, that the US
and other western countries import a
lot of oil from the middle east? That this
oil has to be transported from the ME
and through international waters?
Do you seriously propose that the
oil tankers not be guarded? That if
confronted by pirates, your
non-interventionism would double
as a moral shield and battle shield?

When the ships are guarded,
that is a form of intervention.
To “intervene’ simply means,
to have allies in a dispute.
Do you seriously propose
that the US fight wars without
allies? That ships outside US
borders be unguarded?

Prior to US independence,
US merchant ships were guarded
by the British Navy. After independence,
the US at first lacked a deep water navy.
Many US merchant ships were seized
by Islamist pirates of the Barbary Coast,
their goods and sailors held for ransom.
1/3 the US national budget went for ransom.

US president Thomas Jefferson created
the US deep water navy and intervened
in the middle east, overthrowing pirate
regimes and protecting international trade.
Do you seriously oppose “millions for defense,
not one cent for tribute”?

Whatever your reasons,
whether psychological or other,
they are not grounded in the NAP,
so you cannot speak for all libertarians.
You speak only for a majority of those
who have the time, money, and patience
to show up at physical conventions.

National LP policies have driven away many
normal intelligent common sense libertarians,
and is starting to resemble a cult.

You claim that US forces should not
be in the middle east. Why single out
that one area of the world? Would that
have anything to do with the fact that
Israel is in the middle east?

Please, spare us your personal musings.
You are neither a libertarian guru nor a
foreign policy expert. You are an attorney.
Why not adopt a more humble attitude,
and serve LP members, instead of steering
them in a non-libertarian direction?

Why did you allow Matt Hasty, a white
nationalist neo-confederate fan of David Duke,
to post a graphic featuring a photo of Charles
Lindbergh and non-political quotes from him?
Why do you allow pro-Israel libertarians like
Jeff Billman, Kevin Bjornson, and Jews for Liberty to be banned from LP page?

Don’t you realize, Lindbergh was a white
nationalist who didn’t like Jews, and opposed
fighting Hitler due to racial ties? If there were
nothing wrong with the post, why did you take
it down?

If you had worked with the Libertarian Defense
Caucus, we wouldn’t have to expose this dirty laundry.

Now we protest this crazy letter and
paeon of praise for another white nationalist,
the elderly retired Republican politician, Ron Paul.

Kevin Bjornson National Co-Chairman of The Libertarian Defense Caucus

Kevin Bjornson
National Co-Chairman of The Libertarian Defense Caucus

You are using LP resources to promote a senile old man from a competing party. You don’t get to pick which GOP politicians to favor and which to disdain. Speak for yourself. You do not speak for us or all libertarians.

Respectfully Yours,
Kevin Bjornson.

Kevin Bjornson is a luminary of libertarianism and serves as the National Co-Chairman of The Libertarian Defense Caucus.


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