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Libertarian Defense Caucus Condems Recent Statements By Mike Gravel, Asks All Libertarians To Disavow His Actions, Calls On Libertarian Party To Expel Gravel From Party

Dear Gordon Kromberg, US Attorney; and concerned parties:Recently disturbing news has come to my attention.
The elderly Mike Gravel is not a libertarian on most issues,
and has no official position in any libertarian organization
(despite seeking the 2008 LP nomination for president).
His call for harassment of your family is beyond the pale,

certainly unlibertarian and possibly illegal:

We at the Libertarian Defense Caucus (a think-tank
working within the LP and GOP) condemn Mike Gravel:
as well as other pseudo-libertarians who use opposition to
the war on Islamic-influenced terrorism as an all-purpose
litmus test for political correctness.

Further, the Libertarian Party, the Barr campaign and the
Minaret of Freedom Institute
should repudiate Gravel’s lunacy
in the strongest possible

Mike Gravel is not the only rogue, trading on the previously
good name of libertarianism to act out twisted hatred and
delusions. Dean Ahmad supports Sami al-Arian:
and hosted him as featured speaker at his 5th annual MFI dinner:

Dean frequently associates with known terrorists; e.g.:

Although Dean has verbally denounced “terrorism”, he defines the
term in such a way as to exculpate Islamic-influenced terrorists.

He has been identified by Russian intelligence as giving support to
terrorists in Chechnya:

Here is better translation of excerpt from newspaper account:

 The big north-American „Turan”

  Russia newspaper published list of organizations (mostly Americans)
  which support Chechen separatists under the lee of charity act according
  Russian special intelligence services.

  Week ago Russian special intelligence service spread information about
  organizations on the territory of Russia and CIS, which were created
  (set up, establish) by extremist wing/part of international Islamic
  union „Brothers – Muslims”

  The main goals of these organizations (which acts under the lee of charity)
  are fomentation of separatist general feeling in the Muslim regions and
  to establish Islamic type of government formations/structures as a part of
  „Big Islamic Caliphate”.

  Meanwhile Russia newspaper has /got the information about foreign
  organizations (mostly Americans) which under the lee of charity acts
  support Chechen separatists according Russian special intelligence
  Islamic-American Zakat Foundation
  Post address: 4323 Rosedale av, Bathesda. MD 20814.
  Telephone number.: 301-907-0997.
  Influential Muslim public organization.
  The president of Foundation – Imad Ahmad.
  – At the end of 1999 through the channels of the organization Zakat victims
  of the military actions in the Chechen Republic (Chechnya) got aid.
  – At the end of 1999 to victims of the military actions in the Chechen
  Republic (Chechnya) was provided assistance (through the channels
 of the organization Zakat).

In conclusion

: libertarians have legitimate complaints about some
activities and policies of the US government, particularly domestic.
But this does not justify the kind of harm to the innocent urged by
Mike Gravel, nor the terrorism tolerated and supported by Dean Ahmad.
Responsible libertarian organizations and leaders have a moral
responsibility to
repudiate the madness.


Kevin Bjornson
Libertarian Defense Caucus



  1. Gravel should be ashamed, and Ayn, since when does being a libertarian mean you can’t take a strong defense position? Attacking first is not done out of aggression, but to prevent a worse conflict in the future–much like preventing crime, rather than merely catching the criminals after the fact.

  2. I know I’m supposed to do a pivot, agreeing with your goals but pointing out your means would achieve the opposite. But I find I can’t agree with your embrace of a convicted/confessed terrorist and the harassment of his prosecutor’s innocent family.
    This is a large step toward violent terrorism,
    which is inconsistent with the non initiation of force principle. Or don’t “non-interventionists” bother with the NAP nowadays?

  3. Wow, false-libertarian Gravel is being attacked by false-libertarian “Defense is when you attack first” Caucus for actually being libertarian on an issue.

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