Posted by: irishhawk | September 15, 2008

Anti – War Activist Stifling Free Speech

By Ryan Christiano

Libertarians are often lauded as the last guardians of liberty, and without question freedom of speech and freedom of expression are fundamental principles of libertarianism. This is clearly not the case for Anti – War Libertarian, and self-proclaimed omnipotent Wikipedia editor, Carol Moore.

Ms. Moore has taken the decidedly unlibertarian action of threatening to delete enteire articles at will that do not meet her criteria of the libertarian philosophy. Moore has insisted that libertarian-conservatism and neolibertarianism are not libertarianism, despite ample empirical evidence provided to the contrary. Ms. Moore appears to be embarking upon her very own philosophical Jihad, weeding out those ideas that contradict her interpretation of libertarianism.

Ms. Moore’s actions on Wikipedia underscore a larger dilemma that America is currently confronted with. The inability to distinguish between blind partisanship and fundamental fairness. This particular affliction has infected more individuals than just Ms. Moore, and has seeped into our political discourse as a nation,eating away at its host.

As Francois-Marie Arouet, better known as Voltaire once said,
“I disagree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”

All Americans should adhere to this spirit, particularly if they wish to proclaim themselves; libertarians.

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  1. We know about your manipulation of Wikipedia rules and standards so that you could push your own political agenda, Ms. Moore.

    You retained your little henchmen (and ladies) to delete any point in the Libertarianism section of Wikipedia that you disagree with. That makes you and your allies not Libertarians, but rather, facists.

    We are well aware of the allegations against you of making disturbing phone calls over and over agian to the offices of Congressman Paul. You utilize the tactics of intimidation and threats to have your way.

  2. I live in a “progressive” college town, which is full of anti-war and anti-America leftists. By the writings, songs and looks of Carol Moore, I’d say she is virtually indistinguishable from the so-called “Women In Black”, or “Code Pink”, that dot the city in which I live.

    I am offended by her down playing of the term, war on terror, by referring to it as “so-called war on terror.” People who use terminology such as this are easily dismissed by me, as leftist radicals; radicals who have never had to fight for anything in their privledged lives. Never had to fight for anything as real as liberty. These radicals, who think they are in a fight, because they have fallen prey to left-wing campus professors whose agenda is to promote Socialism, Liberalism, sustainability, affordable housing, multiculturalism… the usual suspects.

    These people, I understand. Certainly, their views are not in line with mine, but I do understand them, based on historical evidence, both through personal observation, as well as academic study (albeit my own venture).

    What I don’t understand though,is how a person such as Carol Moore, would ever describe herself as a champion of liberty. Is taking it upon oneself to deliberately re-write a definition of a division within a political philosophy ethical, without regard to others who embrace such a faction?

    By mutilating terminology, impeding free speech and undermining a pro-defense philosophy of Libertarianism, without intellectual debate, I have absolutely no respect for Ms. Moore (and HER so-called “peace” with terrorists), and relegate her to the bin of like-minded leftists along with their corosive ideology.


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